Should Tampa go after Greg Hardy?


The Buccaneers had some interest in Greg Hardy before he was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, and they could possibly show some interest again. But is it necessarily a good idea? While Greg Hardy is a talented player, his past is going to haunt him. I’m not so sure that the fans in Tampa would warm up to him. He missed four games last season and still put out a decent performance, so that could entice Tampa, who happens to be looking for a DE for a reasonable price. He would be an excellent addition to our defense, it’s just that “incident” that makes him not so appealing. 

“After a heavily publicized 2014 arrest for his role in a domestic violence incident which resulted in his participating in only a single game of the 2014 season, Hardy was signed by the Dallas Cowboys on April 18th, 2015 for a one-year deal worth $11.3 million. Four days later on April 22nd, Hardy was suspended for the first ten games of the 2015 season (later reduced to four).  Hardy ended up delivering a modest but productive season. In twelve games he had six sacks and showed some of the qualities that made him a dominant defender in the 2013 season. Unfortunately his play on the field was rarely discussed by fans or members of the media.” Reported by Justin Schmick

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