Fitz’s value has the NFL puzzled


The Jet’s finished 10-6 in 2015, but was Ryan Fitzpatrick a big part of that? 3,905 passing yards, 31 TD’s I would have to say so. So why exactly are the Jets not chomping at the bit to re-sign Fitz, and lock him in as their starter? Geno Smith? I would think that would be a huge mistake. Fitzpatrick might be considered to have had a fluke season in 2015, but from seeing him play in previous years, I think that would be an unfair assessment. I believe Fitz has come into his skill set, and will be a great quarterback, it just took him some time to mature. Now that he has matured, I think he should be locked in with the Jets, and be their starting quarterback while allowing Geno Smith to grow. Plus, Fitzpatrick has a wicked cool beard. You can’t go wrong with a bearded warrior.


“For the past two months, it has felt inevitable the Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick would reach an agreement on a new contract before free agency begins March 9. But the Fitzpatrick contract may not be so easy. Ask coaches, executives and agents at the NFL Scouting Combine about Fitzpatrick’s value and you will get a variety of opinions. Some point to his 2015 season, when he threw for a team-record 31 touchdowns and led the most prolific offense in Jets history. Others point to his history as a journeyman and say 2015 was an anomaly, using the final game of the season in Buffalo, when he was intercepted three times in the loss that kept the Jets out of the playoffs, as evidence he will revert to the turnover-prone quarterback he has been during his career.” -Reported by Brian Costello

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