Now that Lovie Smith is gone can Banks further his development?


Johnthan Banks started all 16 games his rookie season, playing under HC, “He who should not be named”. Banks had three interceptions and six pass defends, not too shabby for a rookie cornerback.


But in 2014, Lovie Smith took over the HC job for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Banks started fourteen games, achieving ten passes defended, and four interceptions, towards the end of the regular season. One of those interceptions went for a touchdown.


But for whatever reason, Johnthan Banks found himself on the wrong side of the fence when it came to Lovie Smith. Banks along with Verner, could not find themselves starting under Lovie Smith’s final hurrah. However, Banks and Verner both were able to find themselves getting “some” playing time. But, it still seemed like Banks was pushed aside by Lovie in favor of the flops, Tim Jennings, and Mike Jenkins. Banks had had his fair share of questionable moments, we’ve all seen him get burned by a receiver a time or two, or three etc.

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But, in all fairness, I do believe Lovie hindered his development. If Lovie Smith would have remained the HC for Tampa Bay in 2016, you can Bank on it that both Verner and Banks would not be there this upcoming season. Since Lovie was fired, as he should have been, new HC Dirk Koetter and New DC Mike Smith, made it clear that Banks and Verner will stay on the team. Both are wanted. Banks even made mention of this via twitter by stating, “It’s nothing like having a coach that actually wants you on his team.” It speaks volumes when your struggling secondary feels unwanted.