Could J.J. Watt break the hearts of many fans and retire early?


J.J. Watt has made a name for himself as the most dominant defensive player in the NFL since the start of his career five years ago. But could the sheer amount of injuries cause the defensive monster to retire early? Watt made a statement, via a Texas radio program, that his retirement could come sooner than people think. The statement isn’t all that uncanny and makes sense, considering Calvin Johnson had the same stance on his career; to play as long as he is able to perform at a high level. Megatron left the NFL with plenty of talent left, but the injuries were taking their toll, so he retired before he was out of gas. Barry Sanders left the game in a similar fashion, some said Barry even walked at his prime. Patrick Willis, Gayle Sayers, and Jim Brown also left the game in such a manner, as to continue life without amassing injuries that would impede their retirement. Watt won three Defensive Player of the Year awards and even with broken bones and in a cast, has proven to be better than most defensive lineman in football. Watt has torn five core muscles among other muscle tears and bone fractures. But every time he steps on the field of play, regardless of physical condition, he separates himself from mere mortals.