Myles Jack to be the next Ray Lewis?


Ray Lewis was the stuff of legend, he was by far one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game. But many are saying they see a little of Ray Lewis in Myles Jack. In fact, they say he resembles a young Ray Lewis.

Lewis and Jack have more or less identical frames, Jack 6 foot 1, 240lbs and Lewis 6 foot 2, 245lbs. Myles Jack may be slightly more athletic than what Ray Lewis was when he entered the NFL.

Among Jacks similarities with Lewis, is not only his speed, but his hitting power. Jack is a bruiser and crushes opponents much like a young Lewis did, maybe slightly better. Lewis was a natural leader and so is Jack. Myles Jack has an energy, much like Lewis that people feed off of, and the youngs player’s ability to fly around the football field and his instincts make him hard to stop. I could go on and on with their similarities, but since Jack has not been in the NFL the similarities stop. However, you cannot deny his talent, athleticism, leadership, instinct, and football IQ parallels the a young Ray Lewis.