Jets will host Brian Hoyer for a visit.


With F, F, Fitzy and the Jets so far apart in contract negotiations, this becomes a perfect time to intro competition. The competition being Brian Hoyer. Hoyer was just released by the Houston Texans and it did not take long for the Jets to get on the phone and give him a call. Now, this could be an attempt by the Jets to put pressure on Fitz to come down in his asking price, or it could mean that the Jets do not feel confident that an agreement will be made. Fitz is asking for roughly $16 million per season and the fact that he set franchise passing records with his 31 TDs, maybe they should consider $16 million to be a blessing. However, Fitzpatrick’s history as a QB may have the Jets a little wary. I, for one, believe that it does take time for some NFL players to come into their skill set, and once they do, they never ride the pine again. The Jets should think long and hard before letting Fitzpatrick just walk away, plus Brian Hoyer isn’t any better. As a matter of fact if the Jets are seriously contemplating Hoyer as Fitz’s replacement, they should probably turn their heads back to Mike Glennon, at least Glennon has a bright future ahead of him.