Cardale Jones: The forgotten #2 pick


The trade between the Rams and the Titans shook the NFL Draft world, but it won’t just affect the overall #1 pick, it will affect the entire top ten. Many are scrambling to get their newest mock drafts out, but there seems to be one inconsistency in them all. The pick by the Cleveland Browns. Most analysts are going with Wentz and Goff as the #1 and #2 overall, but it seems many have forgotten that Browns fans took to social media, starting in 2015, with an outcry for their team to select Cardale Jones. But, now that it is 2016 and nine days until the draft, do Browns fans still feel the same?

Urban Meyer has stated that he is not so sure that Cleveland would be the best place for Jones to go.

Cardale Jones lost his starting role during his junior year, and that may have lowered his draft stock, and many believe that Cardale Jones isn’t that good of a quarterback. Urban Meyer went on record saying that he believed that the college environment may have held Jones back, which could lead to the reason that many believe he is not as talented as he really is.

In an interview, Meyer said, “His size is obviously a 10 as far as what he’s able to do with that big body, athleticism. Arm strength is a 9, pretty close to a 10. Accuracy is something that’s got to continue to improve, that’s probably an 8. Believe it or not, knowledge of the game and knowledge of coverages is pretty high, an 8…. A really good skill set, intellectual, very smart, wasn’t necessarily very good at school. I wonder if that kind of set him back a little bit. That’s one difference between pro and college -€” now he doesn’t have to worry about classes and going to school and all that stuff. He can focus completely on football.”

Cardale Jones made mention of his academic situation on twitter by tweeting that he did not come to Ohio State to play school.

While some say Cardale is not a worthy of a second overall pick, and that he is off the Browns radar, others believe that regardless of his disappointing final season in college, that he will be a huge pickup and that he has a rifle for an arm, a big tough body, and is a great pocket passer that seems to be created in the mold of Ben Roethlisberger.