Robert Ayers’ flexibility could have him see more roles as a defensive tackle.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Robert Ayers is more than just an outside pass rusher. He’s able to play the inside pass rush and actually prefers it. “I think that’s something the Bucs saw that I could do extremely well, but that was something I wasn’t allowed to do earlier in my career. If you go back to my career at Tennessee, that was something that I did. And when I got to the NFL I wasn’t always given that opportunity.

Last year, as a Giant, 2.5 of Ayer’s sacks came from plays where he was lined up on the inside. With the drafting of defensive end Noah Spence, the inside could be a likely landing spot for veteran Robert Ayers, and lining up alongside Gerald McCoy, or even on the opposite side could have huge benefits for the Tampa Bay pass rush.

Ayer’s flexibility is going to be a tremendous value in the pass rush, as now the utilization of Spence, Gholston and Jacqueis smith on the outside, will keep a constant bombardment of capable pass rushers, steadily heading towards opposing quarterbacks.