The Kraken remains in the unemployment line.


Greg Hardy had some of the worst off-field issues imaginable, and he could be one of the highest paid defensive players in the NFL, but instead he’s jobless and nobody wants to risk investing in him.

None of the NFL’s general managers will have anything good to say about the Kraken, and Hardy’s agent has contacted all 32 teams in the NFL pleading for him, even stating how Hardy is undergoing extensive counseling. It won’t matter as most everybody sees Hardy as a loose cannon. Maybe a desperate team will give him a ring, but that seems highly unlikely as the details of his domestic violence case became public last year and the knowledge of how disruptive he is in the lockerroom became common knowledge, Hardy is looking a lost cause and too toxic for any team to sign on, unless they are extremely desperate.His young age and skill

While his young age and skill would make him ideal for any team looking to boost their defensive out put, the fact that he is a major liability will most likely keep him jobless in the NFL.