Robert Ayers compares Noah Spence to Von Miller.


When Robert Ayers was asked about rookie defensive end Noah Spence, the veteran made a comparison that any DE would love to hear. “I told him he kind of reminds me, stature and watching his college film, he kinds of reminds me of Von Miller. Von Miller was a 4.4/.40-yard guy, though, so he’s a little bit different, but their body language, and their body movement, their build, their stature, their arm length and things like that, they’re real similar. Von is a lot faster, but just the way they play and the way they do things is real similar.”

Robert Ayers played with Von Miller from 2011-2013, so he does have the right to make the comparison. Ayers also pointed out where they were similar and where they were not. So it is a legit comparison of the two.

The veteran DE is impressed with how the first week of OTAs had gone and loves the energy he is seeing in his teammates. “It’s real energetic. A lot of things are contagious, Winning is contagious, losing’s contagious, having a positive attitude is contagious. You can have a lot of guys that are negative and they can bring the room down, but here, I haven’t seen one guy that’s like that, and it’s rubbing off. It’s rubbing off on me, it’s rubbing off on all the new guys. The atmosphere is really contagious and the expectations are high and we’re trying to win.”