GMAC impressed by Noah spence


Noah Spence has been wowing in OTA’s, and he is getting all kinds of praise from staff and teammates. GMAC seems thoroughly impressed by Spence’s ability to rush the passer and is excited to see what is to come, from Noah Spence, in the future. “Noah Spence, man. I did some research on him. One thing I’ve seen about this kid is that he’s always been able to rush the passer. From every level he’s been at, he’s always been able to rush the passer, and that doesn’t just go away. You have to change some things, critique some things when you get to the NFL level,  but being able to rush the passer, it makes you very excited to see what he’s going to be able to do because that’s just in his DNA … I’m very excited for the future to see what’s to come.”

Donovan Smith is entering his sophomore season as starting LT for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he already knew of Spence’s talent. Smith who played for Penn State, in 2013, played against Spence while he was with the Buckeyes. The Buccaneers left tackle had the chance to witness first hand what Spence is capable of doing defensively. Spence, recorded two sacks, and three tackles for a loss, in a beat down by the Buckeyes. Smith seems to understandably forget most of that game, however, he did remember how good of a game Spence had.

Robert Ayers has already compared Spence to Von Miller, which is an incredible comparison for any pass rusher, let alone a rookie and Bucs GM Jason Licht called him the best pure pass rusher in the NFL draft. Noah Spence, will hopefully, bring to the table for Tampa, what he brought in college. If he plays as well as people are saying, he will be a long time weapon for the Tampa Buccaneers.