NFL coach Wes Welker?


Wes Welker showed up to Dolphins OTAs yesterday, although he is not looking to be signed by the team, he may be able to play an informal role in advising Dolphin’s WRs.

Welker, who lives in Miami, Florida, had previously played in Adam Gase’s offense when he was playing in Denver. “He shows up. I mean he lives like five minutes away. I think we’re a good outlet for him and he’s been a guy that with my history with him in Denver, I love being around him. He’s such a football guy. For him to come out there and if our guys get one thing from him, I think that’s a great, great thing for our guys to have a guy that’s probably one of the best slot receivers of all-time being in the building. The way that he worked, the way he studied, everything he did as far as football,  just talking to him, it helps our players out.”

Dolphins head coach Adam Gase made it perfectly clear that Welker was there of his own free will and that the Dolphins are not considering signing him. Welker, who recently admitted that he was not sure he wants to continue playing in the NFL, could be hinting at wanting to be a position coach somewhere in the league. The move to leave the NFL as a player and become a coach would be a wise move on the veterans part as he would remain closely tied to the sport he loves so much, and also be able to teach younger wide receivers a thing or three about the position.