Ravens hopeful for Steve Smith’s return.


Steve Smith once contemplated retirement, after tearing his Achilles tendon last season. Now Baltimore Ravens veteran wide receiver wants to return and play another season in the NFL. He just isn’t sure when that will happen. “I don’t know when I’m coming back. I just know I have to be able to do something in training camp to be able to play for the season. That’s just the way I operate. I can’t go from doing absolutely nothing and sitting on my butt for all of training camp and then go out there and play.”

The Ravens are happy Steve Smith is returning but do not want to have to count on him. The likelihood that WR Breshard Perriman will miss another full season due to a torn ACL, the Ravens will be forced to count on Steve Smith.

Smith who is 37 years old, is not John Harbaugh’s safest bet, but there’s not a whole lot that they can do. TheRavens only have one other receiver in Kamar Aiken, but do not have any that caught more than 35 balls last season.

Smith is continuing to his recovery and is not trying to hurry it, hoping that his injury will heal completely. “I’m just taking it one day at a time, allowing my injury to heal and strengthen myself. I’m trying to be methodical and patient, which I’m not any of those. So it’s been good. It gives me a different perspective.”