Jameis Winston is ready to take on more responsibility.


jameis-winston-tri-e1438596535660Jamies Winston had an outstanding rookie season and with all the improvements made to the team this offseason, I do not see any reason why he cannot repeat his performance. Yes, he had some low points last season, but all things considered, Jameis overcame many of the obstacles that stood in his way.  Now, as we head into training camp and towards preseason, Jameis has become more comfortable with the offense and feels confident he can handle more of it. “The more comfortable I get with the offense, the more stuff they can give to me. The more stuff they can put in my hands to go out there and execute.”



In Jameis Winston’s sophomore year, Koetter’s plan is to allow Jameis to execute more of the offense and run the no huddle more often, this will allow him to change plays at the line, and have control more of the offense. Something Jameis is looking forward to. Especially with more of the no-huddle offense being implemented. “I think when you’re playing fast paced, the more you can cut out thinking, the better you are, especially for the young guys that we had. You get up there, you call the play and you go with it.”


Jameis stands by his old mottos he had while playing at FSU and isn’t doing a whole lot  differently in the offseason workouts, and I personally believe, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. “I always went by the motto at Florida State, ‘See a little, see a lot. See a lot, see nothing. I’m just paying attention to my keys and trying to go through the right progression. Right now, I’m just doing the same things I did last year. Most of these audibles and things comes into game plans. So we’re not game planning to perfection. We’re trying to do things right.”