Doug Martin: Muscle…er… Dougernaut.


dougiefresh_16347754_8colDoug Martin came in second in rushing last season and for a game, he held the number one spot. He also led the NFL in 20+ yard runs last season. Martin revitalized the same knack he had his rookie season to pull off huge runs, it seemed he had multiple every game. The only issue Doug Martin had last year, was finding the end zone. For a brief moment it was touch and go this offseason, as Martin was a free agent but, much to the fans delight, he re-signed to a five-year contract, drawing a huge sigh of relief from Bucs fans everywhere.

It wasn’t just Bucs fans who were happy to have Martin return, he himself was excited to return to Tampa and stated so on his twitter account with a personal letter.CdJxvAMUYAE-XBo (1)



Jameis Winston also loves having Doug Martin back and seems to be a fan of the running back. He enjoys having him in the backfield. “He gets defenses off set because they don’t know what’s comin’. Any time we give him the ball, we think we’re gonna get a big play. It’s like, his cheeks get bigger. Inside his helmet, his cheeks are massive. As the game goes on, his cheeks get all sweaty and bigger. And he starts breathing real hard. You can just see his cheeks get bigger and he starts runnin hard.” BTW never call him Muscle Hamster


He was recently ranked 33rd in the NFL’s top 100 players for 2016, but Martin will have his work cut out for him as many will be keeping a close eye on him after signing that big contract this offseason. Many believe Doug Martin will have to prove he deserves $35.7 million for five years. If Martin stays healthy, he will be worth every penny if not more.