Joe Cullen says the statement made about GMAC not working hard is BULLSH*T.


NFL: MAY 08 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS ROOKIE MINI CAMPRecently, Vaughn McClure, Falcons beat writer for ESPN, fired shots at Gerald McCoy, stating that he didn’t work hard enough under Lovie Smith. GMAC laughed about it while posting his rebuttal to Twitter. “Hahaha just read my laugh of the day. A reporter said a credible source said Gerald doesn’t work hard!! Haha don’t sound too credible to me.”


It also doesn’t sound too credible to former Buccaneers defensive line coach, Joe Cullen. “You tell him to tell his source to put his name on it. That is total BS. Gerald worked his ass off. I’ve coached some good ones around the league but no one worked harder than Gerald. He was limited at times because of injury but no one in that building worked harder. You can put MY name on that as a source. Total BS. Tell that guy he can call me.”

For those who believe that GMAC doesn’t work hard, just remember all the injuries he played with last season, and still recorded 8.5 sacks and made it to anther Pro Bowl. GMAC doesn’t work hard? I think whoever the source is, doesn’t think hard enough.