Jameis Winston to have a breakout season


19356158-mmmainJameis Winston had a solid rookie season. He was voted Pepsi Rookie of the Year, Pro Bowler, and was the youngest QB in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards. While, some see a potential to fall victim to the dreaded Sophomore Slump, others see his offseason moves to polish his mechanics, get into shape and bond with Mike Evans as a sure sign that Winston is doing all that he can to repeat last season’s performance.

920x1240Winston should have a break season this year, and while he may not break NFL records in passing, he will take his game to the next level, he will put us in better positions to score touchdowns and win football games. If Vincent Jackson can stay healthy and Winston and Evan’s rapport pan out on the field, in combination with Winston having more control over the offense, this should translate into more trips to the end zone. Not to forget to mention our TE’s playing another big role in 2016.



Doug Martin will also take some of the pressure off of Winston, much like he did in 2015, and that will keep Jameis from stressing over the feeling that he needs to make every play. I see Jameis having another 4,000-yard season and possibly another Pro Bowl, but this time, he will not be just an alternate.

If the defense comes together like I believe it will, then there should be absolutely no reason we do not win our division this year. If we can win our division this year then we should also be in a prime position to have a wildcard spot or possibly even better.