Jameis Winston: in a position to break franchise records in 2016


Jameis Winston proved to be more than just your average QB, in his rookie season. Not only can he throw, he has an uncanny ability to make plays with his legs when the pass is not there. On 54 rushing attempts, he had 213 yards and 6 TDs and gained Tampa 18 first downs.

635838165799840255-USP-NFL-TAMPA-BAY-BUCCANEERS-AT-PHILADELPHIA-EAGL-77761158Jameis finished the season with a record 4,042 passing yards and 22TDs, even with a completion rate of 58.3%. Jameis will undoubtedly improve in 2016 with the return of a healthy Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans prepared to have a great season. Once that third receiver spot is locked in with a reliable receiver and with reliable tight ends, his options will be greater, this should presumably allow Jameis to throw for more yards than in his rookie season and account for more passing touchdowns. Jameis Winston’s offseason production has led me to believe that his sophomore season will be even better than his rookie season, and should set a Buccaneers single-season passing record, with 4,300 yards and 32 touchdowns. The current record his held by Josh Freeman with 4,065 yards and 27 Tds.