Why does everyone seem to hate GMAC?


In 2014, Gerald McCoy received a contract that most lineman in the NFL dream of receiving. But in 2016, it seems that people still don’t believe he has earned his money. I think he’s performed as well as any of the other highest-paid linemen in the NFL and under the circumstances has performed better than he ever did.

At the time he received his deal, he was the highest-paid defensive tackle in the NFL and everyone was cool with it. When he put the pen to the contract, the NFL acknowledge McCoy as being one of the best defensive linemen in the league.


Although he is still playing at the caliber that earned him, such a contract, people are bashing the crap out of him saying he is not worth the money and that we should trade him.


What changed?

Is it because he hasn’t reached double-digits in sacks? Is it because in 2014 he was injured and still recorded 7 sacks, only missing two games, and still made the Pro Bowl?

Maybe it’s because he missed one game in 2015, but played those 15 games with injuries that would leave most lineman sitting the bench, watching the games.


Could it be that he recorded 8.5 sacks that same season, with those injuries, and made a third straight Pro Bowl?

I can’t figure out what fans could possibly have against McCoy.

Some say his attitude has gotten worse. But, you know, he’s only human and he played in pain all year, he still produced more sacks than he did the previous year, yet he is verbally bashed at every turn. Well, I say his attitude more than justifiable.


PFF Jumped in on the McCoy hate and cites some stats that to me, do not matter as far as McCoy’s contract is concerned. The statement goes as follows: “The Buccaneers rewarded McCoy with a seven-year, $95.2 million contract extension midway through the 2014 campaign, and for good reason—he finished second, first, and second among defensive tackles in cumulative grades during his 2012–2014 campaigns. However, 2015 was a different story for the former top-three pick; he finished 65th among interior defenders in total grading, and was especially poor against the run.” The NFL had other players in it, you know. Some step up and some have defensive schemes that allow average players to play above average games. McCoy has been playing hurt, that isn’t just an excuse, it’s a fact. And under those circumstances, he has played extremely well. Better than most solid linemen who are healthy. I suppose one season can account for an entire contract. However, that season would have to be bad, wouldn’t it?

Although his stats are relatively the same w/ the injuries he has sustained, PFF cited the recent claim that McCoy’s “work ethic left something to be desired last year.”

c4s_mccoy092215_15947293_8colPFF continued saying that in order for McCoy to earn what he receiving in his contract that he needs to return to his 2012-2014 production level. I swear I almost punched my computer screen.   






Here are some reminders as to why McCoy gets paid: