Warrick Dunn pleads for peace in Baton Rouge


When it comes to violence on the streets of Baton Rouge, Warrick Dunn, like many others has had a first-hand account. Dunn’s mother was a Baton Rouge Police officer killed in the line of duty, during a robbery attempt. The recent slayings of Police officers in Baton Rouge flooded the former NFL star running back with memories of that horrific time. Dunn reached out to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution with a powerful plea,

warrickdunn“My heart breaks for the families and law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge who have lost loved ones. I have been in similar shoes. It will change their lives and leave them reeling with questions for years to come. It is a shame. So many officers who are out there on the front lines have a tremendous heart for what they do. These acts of violence don’t solve anything and if my voice can add to the movement to stop it, then I’d consider that a good thing. I struggle emotionally to understand why and how police officers are being targeted in the way they are. I support law enforcement, I also support the community of Baton Rouge because they were there for me and my family. If I could have any effect, I’d ask the community to stop the violence, to cool down and to come together to figure this out. There is nothing we can’t do, but we have to work together to make something positive come from yet another tragedy in my hometown.”



Dunn came from the mean streets of Baton Rouge, but he did not allow those mean streets to hold him back from his ambitions or his dreams. He went on to become a star running back at FSU and in the NFL to a pillar of society. His choices in life are a credit to the fact that the harshness of life does not have to spawn violence. Hopefully, people can hear Dunn’s voice as he shouts in the darkest of hours with the light of hope and possibility