Jameis Winston the face of the franchise.


jameisss_16500151_8colThe former number one overall selection in the 2015 draft, produced some very good numbers in his rookie season and is hoping, as we all are, to continue that trend in the upcoming 2016 season. Nothing but great things have been said about the Tampa QB, how smart he is, how talented he is, and how dedicated he is to learning the game. His leadership qualities were instantly apparent last season and that seemed to continue throughout the offseason.

He saw that there was a huge need for him and his wide receiver to get together this offseason and strengthen their on-field bond. He also felt the need to train hard in the offseason to boost his agility and focus on his mechanics. These are things that will take him further along in his second year.


He also knows that it is not just about him that it is also, about his teammates. Through his ability to lead and his knack in encouraging his teammates to join him at getting better every day, there should be no reason that Tampa cannot move on to the next step. 

Jameis Winston should emerge as one of the better quarterbacks in the league this season, and as the leader that he is, he will continue to push himself and his teammates forward in accomplishing their goal of a winning season. Jameis, whether he wants to or not, has become the face of the Buccaneers franchise.