Major Wright’s hit on Myers drew cheers from fans and disgust from Coach Koetter


Feild with report logoMajor Wright put a hit on Brandon Myers, in practice on Saturday, that had the fans cheering. Coach Dirk Koetter wasn’t cheering, in fact, he was pretty ticked off. Myers caught a beautiful pass from Mike Glennon when Major Wright put a hit on the tight end that left him down and dazed. Myers, although shook up a bit, was ok and returned to practice. The fans enjoyed the hit. It was exciting. But Koetter doesn’t see it as exciting. Koetter saw it as a cheap shot that would have resulted in an immediate ejection, a big fine, and worse overall, a 15-yard penalty. Not forgetting that that kind of hit could result in a player being seriously injured. Koetter said there was some good hitting out there during practice, but the cheap hits, will not be tolerated and that the Buccaneers will not play that way. The Buccaneers new head coach is working to minimize penalties in 2016. Tampa was the second-most penalized team in football last season.