Mike Evans to bounce back this year.


Evans05_16_14_1_aMike is now, well passed, what many called his sophomore slump. Although he dropped eleven passes last season, six of them in one game against the Giants, he had put up over a thousand yards receiving. The receiving yard numbers were great considering all the extra pressure put on Evans last season. He had lost two of his fellow starting WR’s and had to take the brunt of the passing game on his own.

Second-year star QB Jameis Winston went to great lengths this offseason in order to get his own body into shape and to strengthen his bond with the third-year WR. Winston is proud of the chemistry they have built during this offseason and has plenty of faith in Mike Evans.


As they head into their second season together, they will also head into it with the same offense. Promoting Dirk Koetter to HC, allows Jameis and the offense to continue building from the offensive scheme that helped him throw for over four thousand yards, and helped Doug Martin sprint for more than fourteen hundred yards. Hopefully, this season, Mike Evans can find his way into the end zone more often, and surpass his rookie TD count.