Vernon Hargreaves success continues.


501629681_17860769_8colA lot of doubt had been circulating the Buccaneers 2016 first round pick, that he’s too small to play in the NFC South division, but he has been successful enough to put those doubts to rest. Hargreaves was allotted the most playing time he has seen during the Browns/ Bucs game and he continued to be efficient and play hard. He was thrown at only four times during that game and only allowed one catch for two yards, placing his 0.04 average at the top of the NFL. Hargreaves easily earns top grades out of all of our corners during this preseason, and that trait should continue to follow him throughout the regular season. Hargreaves has more than earned a starting role and being placed over Verner in last week’s game, shows that the coaches are more than confident Hargreaves can do the job. He hasn’t shown us anything different.