Bears to sign Conor Barth


Buccaneers_Bengals_6297408.source.prod_affiliate.156-4The Chicago Bears are expected to sign veteran kicker Connor Barth. The Bears had recently released their long-time kicker Robbie Gould over the weekend. Gould is considered to be the 9th most accurate kicker in NFL history. Barth who was signed by the Chiefs in 2008 spent most of his time in Tampa. Barth was released and re-signed so many times by Tampa that it is laughable. But it also shows his value. Many times Tampa tried to “upgrade” at the kicker position only to turn around and have to re-sign Barth again. Connor Barth is a stand-up guy and had become a security blanket for Tampa, for many years. The Saints had Barth on the roster for most of the preseason but opted to let him go with their slimming down to the 53 man roster. Letting him go may have been the Saints biggest mistake this year. I wish the best for Barth Vader!