Grimes stepped up against Carolina


There are definitely multiple players that contributed to the win over Carolina. The one I want to bring attention to, however, is Brent Grimes.

First, he stopped Fozzy Whittaker from scoring a touchdown on a 16 yard run by knocking him out of bounds at the 1-yard line as Whittaker tried diving for the pylon. Then on the very next play, Grimes picked off Anderson on a throw to Olsen in the end zone to stop a touchdown once again.

The defensive game ball for this week went to Grimes who got the Bucs’ first interception of the year by a defensive back.

How many times have we been able to say that Grimes stepped up in such a huge way? Or, that if it wasn’t for him we would have almost certainly lost the game?

Hopefully, we hear Brent Grimes’ name come up in a more positive light like this more often in the future.