Tampa Bay Buccaneers making moves coming out of the Bye.


108dyeThe first move from the Buccaneers is the waiver of RB Russell Hansbrough and the contract given to RB Antone Smith. Smith as we all know, is a former Falcons running back that played under Dirk Koetter. Smith was released by the Falcons and went on to play for the Bears in 2015  then was released picked up by the Jets. Now he is Tampa property! I think this is a good addition, as Antone Smith can be a great 3rd running back capable of snagging the short-yard first when we need it. In 2008, Antone Smith recorded 15 rushing TD’s and 1 receiving TD in his last season at FSU.

Other moves made by Tampa is the re-signing of WR’s Donteea Dye and Freddie Martino, to the practice squad and another move that will make a lot of fans happy is the signing of Safety Trae Elston. Many believe we need desperate help at the Safety position, however, I am one that does not believe this to be so. Either way, with Ryan Smith’s development coming to a slow crawl, Trae Elston could be a significant addition.