Are the Bucs really that bad?


With our Tampa Bay Buccaneers sitting at 3-5 at the halfway point of the season and facing a 2-6 Chicago Bears team, I think to myself; Are we really as bad as it seems? Now, I know the general consensus of most Bucs fans is that YES we are terrible. But, let me explain why I think this team is actually better than their record shows.

Injuries, injuries, injuries, so many dadgum injuries. From the very first game, the Bucs have been bitten by the injury bug, and when a team doesn’t have their starters playing or the depth to back them up; Well, some things are gonna go haywire.

There is no continuity in the coaching staffs. When your players are having to learn a new scheme, in what seems like every year, it’s gonna take some time to become a cohesive unit that is able to properly work together and succeed. The defense is a prime example of a unit which needs time and patience to become great.

The offense is a completely different monster to me. They have been able to achieve a working chemistry while running the same system they ran last year. The offensive scheme that finished 5th in the league. However, this year they are ranked 14th in offense and would more than likely be better if it were not for the injuries to our key starters, such as Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson.

So, when I ask myself are we really that bad of a team? The answer is an astounding no. We have the pieces in place to become a complete team. We have also seen them show flashes of greatness and we all know deep down in our hearts that they have the potential to be a playoff contender. It’s just gonna take some time. Our starters have to be healthy and the defense has to have some stability, in order to learn the new defensive system. As far as this season is concerned, there are still 8 games left to be played. Don’t count us out just yet!