Doug Martin returns to practice and a collective sigh of relief is felt across Tampa Bay.


Oh, Happy Day! Come on guys! Sing along with me. Doug Martin has returned to the practice field. It marks the first time since week 2 that Martin has been out on the practice field and actually practicing. Mind you, it is only to test out his hamstring, but if they shake that magic 8 ball and signs point to yes, then we could very well see Doug Martin starting against the Bears. Only a win at home could bring me greater joy at this point.

The news is only getting better as it seems that Martin is taking on the running drills with no setbacks. The fact that he is running through the drills with no apparent discomfort, shows that he is making progress toward a possible upcoming game appearance. With all of the injuries sustained to the running back unit and the ragtag conglomerate we have heading into this week, Martins return would be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Here is a video via Tampa Tribunes’ very own Greg Auman.