Mike James healthy and ready to go.


Mike James recently was re-signed to the Buccaneers and he is healthy and ready to get back into the mix. With a depleted running back squad, the Bucs are in desperate need of a capable back. He may not be the best running back in the NFL, but for now, he will have to do. James has shown when he is healthy and featured that he can be a little more than capable. It’s been a while, but he definitely has shown he is more than capable. In 2013, he put up 158 yards on the ground on the Seattle Seahawks, who won the Super Bowl that year against the Broncos and is highly debated as one of the top 10 defenses to appear in a Super Bowl. However, aside from that game, there hasn’t been too much to write brag about when it comes to him.

James was released from Tampa earlier this season but was going to start the regular season as the third running back on the depth chart. An injury kept that from happening. He was waived with an injury settlement before the start of the season and later on found himself on the Lions practice squad. He saw his first play of the 2016 season, during the Color Rush game, where he was targeted  three times catching all three passes for 17 yards and rushed once for three yards. That does not seem like a lot, but considering he hasn’t played in a regular season game and hadn’t had much time to practice with the team prior to the game, shows he is ready to play. Doug Martin is rumored to be ready to come back but hasn’t been practicing at least as of Monday. I would like to believe that Mike James will carry the load, if Martin is out, while Peyton Barber picks up the slack and recently activated Russell Hansbrough gets some special teams work and a few jabs in with the running the game.