Zebras? More like Clowns…


If you’ve watched more than a few NFL games this season (I’m sure you have, you’re reading this right?) then you’ve noticed with the rest of the country how disillusioned NFL officiating has become in regards of assessing certain penalties, and in one case, to a certain player who enjoys midfield dabs at the 50.

First off, bar none, NFL Referees should be full-time employees of the shield and it’s ridiculous it hasn’t happened yet. Imagine if you or I were divulged in football 7-10 hours a day as our career, we’d be better analysts of the game as well. We’d have a better eye for small particular things on every play rather than others who were simply “weekend warriors” like you and I. Their fitness would improve allowing them to get closer to downfield plays and be able to make a better judgment call simply because, you’re closer to the play.

Secondly, the confusion on assessing Excessive Celebration penalties has gotten absolutely historically out of hand by the competition committee headed by mean Dean Blandino and head of the Evil Empire Roger Goodell. Gerald McCoy does a simple 5-second choreographed dance with a teammate after a sack and gets a 15 yarder, yet Von Miller is INFAMOUS for his sack dances with teammates involved and never gets flagged. Why? Oakland’s punter last week literally rode a fictitious bronco for 20 yards. I saw Josh Norman do the same thing against the Bucs last season for Carolina after a pick six and he was nailed for 15 yards. Why that one and not this one? It’s time to end the celebration penalties. Why create a law you can’t enforce properly?

Then we come upon the embattlement between the 2015 MVP and Head Ref Ed Hochuli. It’s ascertained comedic levels the calls he’s not getting because of his confrontation two years ago with Hochuli after a brutal hit on the sideline which warranted Newton to have a conversation with Hochuli, afterward Cam saying Hochuli told him, now infamously, “You’re not old enough to get that call.” Well apparently two years later and the NFL MVP still isn’t old enough to get the calls as Hochuli has blacklisted Cam among fellow referees. I personally dislike Newton and his celebrations but this has become almost childish. Does Cam have to publicly apologize or send flowers and chocolate to Ed Hoculi?

Basically, full-time referees would alleviate a good majority of bad calls and no calls. Maybe even add in one more ref deep midfield for the obviously controversial down field calls and no calls. The game has to get cleaner and more clear cut of what’s what. Every ref or umpire will have a bad day or two, but this has to change now.