Rob Gronkowski injured against Seahawks.


If you are a Pats fan, it’s bad enough, they lost to the Seahawks, but even worse, is the fact that Gronk was injured during that game, as well. It is believed that Gronk has suffered a punctured lung. It is likely that he will be out in the upcoming contest vs the 49ers. The Pats do have some depth at the tightened position and with Martellus Bennet, having a solid season, the loss of Gronk will not be as detrimental. But it’s Gronk and it will have an affect on the team.

Gronk’s injury came from a blasting hit made by Seahawks’ safety, Earl Thomas. The veteran tightened said that the heat from Thomas was probably one of the hardest hits he’s experienced in his career. He also went on to say that there was nothing wrong with the hit that it was a good clean hit. Gronkowski leads the league in yards per catch with 21.6 despite not playing until week 4.