Vincent Jackson did not tear ACL but he will likely not return to the football field.


Vincent Jackson was placed on the IR last month and in the process, it was said that he had suffered an ACL tear. That is simply not true. However, the injury to his knee is severe enough that he will not likely return this season.

V-Jax will also not likely return to the playing field for the Buccaneers next season and should take into serious consideration the idea of retiring. Being that he has been such an integral part of the Buccaneers offense for so many years it will end up being a huge loss for the team, but it just might be time to hang up the cleats. I am sure Jackson could tough it out a season or two, or even more, but at what cost? 

After all the hard he has work put in over the span of his 12-year career and the injuries he’s sustained to his knees, no one will think retiring now is the wrong idea. He’s certainly earned the right to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor.