Road Warriors


Jameis Winston and the boys are confident as they travel to Arrow Head Stadium to face the Chiefs on Sunday. Alex Smith is not a deep ball passer so we won;t have to worry about that, but he sure likes to dink and dunk and might even be the master of it. Smith has been known to run occasionally and is fairly light on his feet, but in his old age, I don’t think he will be doing much running for first downs. He will mostly be running for his life. Our defense will surely give that man a panic attack, even with the Chiefs offensive line being pretty solid. The Chiefs have that tough defense as well and they like to pick on offenses, a lot. They know they have that hardcore secondary and a pretty decent pass rush, so Jameis and the boys need to be careful. Doug Martin should be back to snap count, this week, and even though the Chiefs have some pretty solid linebackers, like Justin Houston, their overall rushing defense isn’t all that great so Doug should be on fire Sunday. If the Bucs establish the run then Kansas will be in for a long game and likely forget about Humphries, Evans and Cameron Brate, all who should have a decent game, as well. For those who fear those game coming up, please keep in mind that the Bucs like to win on the road. They are Road Warriors.