Chiefs fans make Jameis feel like he was right at home.


Jameis Winston was already pumped heading into Sunday’s game much like he is heading into any game. Already being fired up because of his love of the game, he gets that extra boost from his teammates and coaching staff as they pump each other up for the ensuing contest. But little did anyone know that the Chiefs stadium would add an extra gear to Jameis Winston. The Chiefs fans have a tomahawk chant and that chant is supposed to insight fear into the hearts of opposing teams, but it was actually fuel for Jameis Winston’s fire.

That same chant the Chiefs use is the very same Jameis heard every home game during his college career at FSU. So instead of psyching out their opponent, they made him feel right at home. Thank you! Chiefs fans!

Chiefs fans would do the chant on every third down, pumping Jameis Winston up and helping to lead to our 3rd down success. Again, thank you Chiefs fans! To add to this humorous occasion is the fact that Winston was conducting the O-chant with Chiefs fans prior to the game. I bet the Chiefs fans thought Jameis was an idiot. Little did they know.