Winston delivers inspirational message.


Coming into the 2016 season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had high expectations, mainly stemming from a year of experience for captain Jameis Winston and continuing to improve upon a talented young roster. But after that first week’s win over the Falcons, it seemed those expectations were warranted, only to be brought back to reality after 3 straight losses.

Sitting at 1-3 the Bucs seemed to be headed for another long season when Jameis Winston delivered an inspirational message to change the attitude within his teammates.

Laura Okmin of Fox Sports asked Jameis what that message was after the 19-17 win against the Chiefs and Jameis said, “The message was, think about when we played football for fun, not as a professional. Football got us here. We didn’t come here as professionals. We came here as football players. We were blessed by the man above, and we just overcame a lot. So we’ve gotta keep fighting and we’ve gotta get better every single day.”

As we have seen these past 6 games, where our Bucs have gone 4-2, the culture has definitely changed. No longer are they playing not to lose, but playing to win and having fun while they’re at it.