Jaboo’s Big Day!


What we saw from Jameis yesterday was something new to our eyes. He showed a huge improvement in every ability of a QB and a major maturation of our young franchise guy.

The numbers were great from yesterday, (24-39 331 yds 1td 97.3 rating) but he’s had more productive games before. It was the small things that stood out yesterday; his pocket awareness was fantastic even with pretty stellar offensive line play. He felt pressure from the backside without even glancing and, in turn, was only sacked once. We didn’t see long stretches of him throwing high; very aware of protecting the football and making good adjustments. But his third down reads and throws were the difference going 11-16 and helping control the ball for 35 minutes. He also spread the ball graciously tallying seven different receivers with a catch and not focusing squarely on Mike Evans.

None of the big network experts and analysts thought Tampa could go into Arrowhead and beat a Chiefs team who had won ten straight at home, but they did largely in part of Jaboo’s smart football mentality for the game. I personally thought he had a career day in terms of doing the little things, and going into THAT place and beat THAT team. A huge confidence boost,(not that he needed it), but could be a big springboard to a strong late-season push for the NFC South. GO BUCS!