Joe Hawley says he was spit on by rookie DT Jarran Reed. Reed denies it.


Joe Hawley is a fiery center who demands respect and according to the bearded warrior, he believes that Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle, Jarran Reed, had committed one of the most disrespectful acts one can inflict on another. Hawley accuses Reed of spitting in his face. If true, that is one of the most disgusting actions any professional can undertake. 

Hawley’s side of the story starts with the Seahawks hitting him late, and as he came up fiery like he is known to do, someone actually spit in his face. Of course, Hawley was pissed off. Who wouldn’t be? Not only is it disrespectful it should not belong in the game of Football. 

Now, keep in mind with everything going on during the game, Joe can’t be 100% sure it was Reed who did the spitting, but has no problems thinking that is was.

Jarran Reed denies Hawley’s belief that it was he who spit in his face and without visual proof thinks it’s funny. Reed has seen Bucs fans ranting on social media and understands that fans are pissed at him, but he wants them to know that he doesn’t care for Bucs fans or the organization. Reed also fired back at Hawley by saying that maybe he’s pissed because he couldn’t guard a rookie defensive tackle.