Mike Evans to wear custom cleats Sunday in support of Racism awareness


sideline-cleatsSunday will be the first time ever that the NFL will allow all players to wear custom cleats on the field. My Cause My Cleats will give NFL players the freedom of expression, something the NFL really doesn’t like to allow. Mike Evans will be no different than many of the NFL’s superstars, as he too will wear specialty made cleats that will surely get his opinion across. Mike Evans will wear cleats ion support of RISE. (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality). RISE is a non-profit organization of professional sports leagues, professional athletes determined to use sports as a means to bring about improved racial relations. 

Many NFL stars will also join in support of RISE, this Sunday. The program contacted Mike after his sit-down protest, and it goes along with everything Mike wants to support, and does so in the way Mike meant to do it.