Jameis Winston turning the ship around.


The 22-year-old quarterback was never expected to become the leader of his team nor achieve what he has in first two seasons in the NFL, for the most part only the Buccaneers knew what they had and aside from FSU fans, no one else would believe that Jameis Winston was going to live up to the hype. Not only did Jameis take the lead of this Tampa football team, he has become the type of leader that surely will have anyone around, follow him to the ends of the Earth.

From breaking franchise records to setting NFL records, Jameis has changed the minds of naysayers in almost a blink of an eye. His brand of leadership has put a fire in a struggling Buccaneers team that was at the bottom of the division last year, to now tied for first place in the division. After last season coming within mathematical possibilities of making a playoff for the first time in countless seasons, the Bucs find themselves in a wild card spot before the season has even ended.

Is it all due to Jameis Winston and his abilities or skills? No. The Buccaneers are a team and not one man, so it is definitely a team effort, and the new coaches along with the new player personnel have been outstanding this season. But one thing that has hindered the Bucs more than any other, coaching or General Manager, is the fact that we have not had a franchise quarterback.

Now we have one and now we are winning.