5-1 at home vs 5-1 on the road


Dallas is tied with the Patriots for the league’s best record at 11-2, but those two losses came from the same team, the New York “football” Giants. The Buccaneers, who are tied with the Lions for the current longest winning streak in the NFL, should take notes from the Giants because it seems they have the Cowboys’ number.

The Cowboy’s pass defense is not that good, as a matter of fact, it’s sub-par in my opinion, meaning that if they try to shut down Mike Evans then the rest of our wide receivers will have a field day. However, it is a catch 22 situation, if Dallas does not try to shut down Evans, well you know how that will go. With 80 catches for 1,100 yards and 10 touchdowns, it’s not hard to see what will likely happen if you do not keep close tabs on Mike. The Dallas Cowboys’ run stop is their only strength on defense and the Buccaneers haven’t exactly lacked in the running department. Although Doug Martin hasn’t returned from injury producing breakout game stats, the Buccaneers running back committee is capable enough to keep the Cowboys’ defense honest.

Dak Prescott hasn’t exactly been the superstar everyone has been bragging about in the past few games, as he has been unable to reach 200 yards passing through the air since before Thanksgiving. However, Ezekiel Elliot has been the one to get it done and is much of the reason for Dak’s success.

Tampa struggles against the run, but has had the best overall defense in the NFL since week 10, that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is week 15 and the Bucs defense seems to only be getting better. The Cowboys are 5-1 at home and the Bucs are 5-1 on the road meaning this is going to be an interesting game.

The Buccaneers seem to have overcome all the odds this season and I believe they do so again. I believe they put their defensive stamp on the NFL and make it official. The Buccaneers force Dak to beat them and in turn Dak has a horrible day. I like the Bucs to win this one by a narrow margin. 21-20 Tampa.