Bryan Anger: Tampa’s best off-season signing.


Bryan Anger is easily one of Tampa’s best off-season signings of 2016 and he is about to set franchise records for punting and net punting yard averages. Anger owns the franchise record for punts downed inside the 20-yard line, this season and ranks 4th in the NFL for his current 42.4 net average.

He will need to do slightly better than a net average of 40.3 to break Michael Koenen’s current franchise record and as he heads into the Panther’s game with a 45.9 punting average, he will need to finish the game a little better than the 45.6 Josh Bidwell produced to break the current franchise record. 

Anger has helped place the Buccaneers into fourth place, in the NFL, for the lowest punt return averages at just 5.6 yards per return. He is a free agent this offseason but I find it highly unlikely that he will be leaving the Buccaneers. Especially, when he wishes to return.