Winston rallies the team, and rallies the fans


At the midway point of the season, things weren’t looking very good for the Bucs; a 3-5 record, multiple blowouts, and even a loss to the Rams that still haunts us to this day.

However, at this point, Jameis Winston our 22-year-old quarterback, who most could consider a kid, possesses a leadership ability that we all know is greater than most players who are older than him. With just these few words, he rallied the entire team around him, which resulted in a far more exciting second half of the season, those words were: “We’re not a team, we’re a family.”

What I’m sure he couldn’t imagine, was the effect that the message would have on the fans as well. I’ve seen on multiple occasions where a fan would post about personal problems and they were having a multitude of others would rally around them for support and state something like, “That’s what families do.”

One of the youngest quarterbacks in the league can speak a few words to his teammates and it affects hundreds or possibly even thousands of fans indirectly. The more I see of this young man, the more it seems to me that we have the leader of our future.