It’s a long shot but Brown in Tampa?


I wrote an article earlier in the month about the Steelers faithful getting tired of Antonio Brown, seems to good to be true right? Wrong! The Steelers have leaked to the media that they are growing tired of his antics and pouting during games. We all remember the Facebook Live locker room speech that was blown way out of proportion. Are the Steelers setting someone up to unload several top players or draft picks in exchange for the games most dynamic receiver? Let’s hope so Bucs Nation.

The Buccaneers needing help in the receiving department would be an understatement. Brown would be welcomed with open arms in Tampa Bay. In fact, we would probably even broadcast him coming to Raymond James Stadium on Facebook Live. Brown enjoys having fun while playing in a league that seemingly condemns it. He would be a perfect fit to our young core. The Steelers don’t enjoy the antics, but no one seems to mind when he goes off for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns. Business could be boomin’ in Tampa if they are willing to pony up for Brown.