A Steeler for Life?


Antonio Brown has been in the media for the last couple weeks for his behavior during the playoffs. This all stems from his Facebook Live video sent out to millions across the world after the Steelers victory. Mike Tomlin had some choice words for the Patriots that I am sure he didn’t want the world to know. Brown took a lot of heat for it, but social media rules the world now. Tomlin should have been a little conscious of what he was saying.

Brown spoke with ESPN’s First Take and told them he would like to remain a Steeler for life. Is this someone who is really wanting to be in the Steel City or is he just saying the right thing? According to the article, he was pretty disappointed with Steelers Nation who dubbed him as a cry baby, not a good teammate, and someone who needed to be traded. Art Rooney made it clear they want to extend Brown’s contract.

Brown would later acknowledge that this is a business and nothing is guaranteed in business. Take it for what it is worth, but that doesn’t sound like someone who is thrilled about being in Pittsburgh. Will Brown be moved probably not, but there is definitely some things that need patched up between the two sides. If they can’t patch things up it could get very interesting this offseason. Go Bucs!