Evans and Grimes ranked in the PFF’s top 100 players


This past season was full of ups and downs for Tampa Bay, but two guys that have moved up the PFF rankings were Mike Evans and Brent Grimes. Evans had a dominating year with 12 touchdowns and over 1,300 yards. PFF ranks him as number 12 on their list. Evans had a great year statistically, but he was putting up highlight reel catches week after week.


According to PFF, he finished the year with a 93% grade and only Julio Jones was able to top that mark. Mike Evans is not Julio Jones, but down the road, the comparison would not be out of the question. Evans is a match-up nightmare for any cornerback that lines up across from him. He is only going to get better throughout his career and is already Jameis Winston’s favorite target.


Grimes was a free agent signee that just played every game this year. He was able to lock down some of the game’s receivers and brought more veteran leadership to our defense. Grimes was able to lead the league in passes defended this year and for his efforts, PFF moved him into the number 43 slot. Grimes added 57 tackles and 4 interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown, to his 2016 campaign for the Buccaneers. He will continue to help our defense grow and get better next season. Tampa Bay could be a scary defense in the years to come. GO BUCS!