Sh*t or get off the pot.


Buccaneers rookie kicker, Roberto Aguayo, didn’t have the best rookie start by no means, and the Bucs have no problems moving on from a second-round selection (Remember ASJ?). But, they will give him a second chance, and they should.


Bucs GM has faith in Aguayo and believes he will improve this off-season, they will bring in competition for Aguayo, and they began doing so early on when they signed kicker John Lunsford to a futures contract. According to eye witnesses, Lunsford is good from 60 plus yards that should definitely give Roberto Aguayo some healthy competition.


It has also, been made clear that the Buccaneers will have the best player starting at the kicking position and whether that’s Aguayo or not, will be up to him and how he improves this offseason. There are a few choices in free agency this year for kickers, and Bucs GM Jason Licht is going to want Aguayo to work out but if he doesn’t, the options are plentiful.




One thing you can count on is that Licht will not spend another second round pick or trade any later round picks for another kicker this year. In order for Aguayo to stay on the team for a second season, he is likely going to need to have an exceptional camp this year.


Regardless of the current situation, one thing is for certain, ‘shit or get off the pot’ Aguayo, and have a great camp this year, or the Bucs will make a move, and that move could leave you unemployed.