Spence over JPP.


JPP is an interesting topic, and many are thinking he would be a great addition to the Buccaneers line, and he would. The addition of JPP to the line would pose a nightmare scenario for offensive lines and coordinators alike. Just imagine GMAC pushing up the middle, Ayers bulldozes through the left tackle, and JPP is burning the right tackle, it would be a nightmare for any QB. But, where would that leave Noah Spence?


Tampa has the necessary veteran experience on the defensive line so adding another high priced veteran isn’t necessary, it’s nice but not necessary. Development of Noah Spence, on the other hand, is necessary. Jacquies Smith should be coming back from his season-ending ACL injury and is due to become a restricted free agent this year. Whether or not he stays in Tampa is not known, but what is known, is that he has had been injured a lot. He has missed 19 games in the three seasons he’s been in Tampa, but in those three seasons, he has recorded 13.5 sacks. Talented, yes, reliable, no.


Development of Noah Spence is paramount. He has shown some serious promise during his rookie season, recording 16 solo tackles, 3 forced fumbles, and 5.5 sacks. Before Spence was drafted by Tampa, he was widely known for his pass rushing abilities, but was also known that he would struggle against the run and he did. But that can be trained out of existence.


Noah Spence, with the help of veterans, Gerald McCoy and Robert Ayers, along with one of the best defensive line coaches around, Spence should have no problem getting better against the run. When Spence reaches his full potential he is going to be the nightmare scenario we need, and many fans already believe he could turn out to be as nasty of a threat as was Simeon Rice coming from the outside.