Kickin’ Ain’t Easy


To say the least, Tampa Bay had an unconventional draft last year, when they rocked fans world by trading up to the second round in order to draft former FSU star, Roberto Aguayo. People flipped their lids when the move was made and then flipped them, even more, when Aguayo began missing kicks. Being that he was so accurate in College, one of the most accurate to be exact, people’s head scratching at the draft turned into mob-hatred and booing. Not even Jameis Winston’s stamp of approval on Roberto would alter the mob’s way of thinking.


At Florida state, Aguayo made all his extra points. He was a perfect 198 of 198 but was only 88% on his field goals making 69 of 78. The Bucs have had some kicking issues, but had one kicker that was consistent at least and many were quickly calling for Barth Vader’s return. Of course, that wasn’t going to happen.


Aguayo’s first season with Tampa had many downs but had many ups as well. Many fans started holding their breaths when Aguayo kicked hoping that doing so would somehow alter the universe and he would make the kick. Category 3 hurricane force winds could be felt in the bay area as a collective sigh was released when he did make one. However, later on during the season, Aguayo got better and a rejuvenation of faith was instilled in him.


Roberto ended the season 71% by hitting 22 of 31 field goals, and 94% on extra points by hitting 32 of 34 totaling 98 points for the rookie kicker. He made some easy misses in the begging of his NFL career but seemed to find his groove as the season carried on. I believe he will have a nice long career in Tampa and possibly end up one of our most accurate/ consistent kickers since Matt Bryant and Martin Grammatica donned the pewter and red.


Many scream Aguayo lost us a bunch of games, but in reality, there might have one maybe two. Big things should come of Aguayo, and I look forward to seeing him in action next season when his crazy draft situation is fully justified. Go Bucs!