Redskins QB in no hurry to sign long-term contract.


Redskins QB, Kirk Cousins is in no hurry to negotiate a long-term contract; However, he will rush to sign a franchise tender. Unless the Washington Redskins offer a long-term contract with some serious incentives, Cousins will wait until they use the franchise tag on him.


If the Redskins franchise tag him for the second time then all likelihood of a third will be out the door. A Third franchise tag would cost so much money that it would be as much impossible for the Skins to swing as it would be ridiculous.


A franchise tag used on Cousins this year will fully guarantee him $23.94 million dollars for 2017, and one would expect the Redskins to make a legitimate offer to the QB this upcoming offseason, one that is light years above the low ball offer they submitted to him last year.